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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Illusive Music


Here are links to my Artist pages where you can listen to my music.

Rara Avis

Thick basslines with heavy kicks mixed with a thrusting melody reminiscent of "The Warp Brothers" makes Rara Avis one of Illusive Mind's 'Techno de Force'.

This is the best techno/trance/club song I’ve made yet, though I have said that with certainty about almost every time I make one. I think it is due to the fact that there are so many elements that go into making one of these songs that I know the process can never be repeated and in its completion lays a certain sense of momentary perfection.

‘Rara Avis’ is Latin for “Rare Bird”, in common usage the phrase is used to describe any rare person or thing. Why did I choose this title? Well sometimes there is an involved thought process and other times I just like something that sounds cool.

The beginnings of this song have been sitting unfinished, indeed unstarted on my computer for a number of months. So perhaps the rarity is the actual completion of the damn song.

I also like the composition of the title, it almost spells out r-a-v-e and at first glance appears to be hiding an anagram of some kind. ‘Rara Avis’ also refers to the experience of being one with the energy of this kind of song, the euphoria, the rapture.

For the first time the accompanying artwork is very simple and direct. Unlike the forthcoming “The wonders of modern technology”. This to me is a symbol of what the song is. A tune that should be played on the stereo, preferably routed through an amplifier or receiver, to the floor-standers and subwoofer, volume turned up loud and go crazy.

I've just uploaded "Milieu"

An uplifting melodic ambient piece with the trademark "Illusive Mind" flavoured note composition.

The "Milieu" is the totality of our surroundings, our external reality. It is the environmental arrangement of the insane.

So the idea is, that we have constructed this bizarre milieu, external reality and this is synonymous with that of the environments prepared for the insane.

Another song I've uploaded is called "Techno Raphsody".

The politics of music, two techno greats square off, only to be out-matched by their classical brethren…

An uplifting epic composition with club sounding synths bursting with creative expression inspired by “Duelling Banjos”.



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