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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Logical Absurdity


So now we come to the absurdity of logical impossibility.

We would not think that those ideas beyond the comprehension of a platypus should have no possibility of existence. Why then would we think that a few million years of evolution would yield a piece of organic matter that was omniscient? That would be able to grasp all the truths possible in this universe or any other, and that anything that was “logically” nonsense must then be impossible?

It is arrogance of the highest level.

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Blogger Richard said...

Yeah, that's a problem I've been struggling with recently too. It is difficult to see how our modal intuitions could have any genuine grounding - so I share your skepticism about the whole endeavor. [See my post here, and the "more detail" section of this post. If you have any ideas to add to either post, comments are always welcome!]

Probably the best we can do here is appeal to a pragmatic justification of some sort. I hope to write up a post further exploring that idea (and more generally a "naturalized modality"), some time in the near future...

11/10/2004 03:08:00 AM  

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