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Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Wonders of Modern Technology


'The Wonders of Modern Technology' is the name of one of my latest songs. It is an ambient/chillout piece, quite progressive and moody.

It should be up on shortly.

You may notice in the above artwork the artist name 'Illusive Mind' is fairly subtlety placed within the frame. You may also notice this is a motif within just about all of my song artwork.

Firstly, I'm someone who loves 'easter eggs' (figuratively speaking), that is those hidden surprises that the astute observer will pick up, (naturally I think of myself as an astute observer). I am a big fan of layered meanings and various depths of interpretation.

Secondly, the music I create spans a few genres. Though most of it hasn't been uploaded, I've made symphonic pieces, instrumental, piano, guitar, rock as well as ambient, electronic and trance. (Check out 'Perseverance' at Pure Part of the whole concept of Illusive Mind is that it is also 'elusive'. Not fitting into any one neat category. If I could sing or had a vocalist then the connection between the different strands of music would be evident in the lyrics as a conceptual one.

So it seems fitting that the artist name takes a backseat to the song title, for the artist name is simply a loose causal thread that ties the work together somehow. I am speaking a language that predates me and using ideas that come before I do, in what sense then am I the creator?

'The language speaks me'

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