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Monday, July 03, 2006



There is an old saying in Zen Buddhism, that 'all a man searches for is recognition.'
It occurs to me that the only recognition we posses is that we give to others. I cannot demand it from anyone even though I may foolishly expect it, but I can give it away freely.

Someone who takes the time to comment on some of my work (even if they criticize it) may not be aware of how motivating it is to be reminded that you have provoked a reaction in someone in this otherwise vacant expanse of the internet.

A few days ago I received the following email about my poem 'Die grenzen meiner Sprache sind die grenzen meiner Welt '

i just wanted to write to espress my appreciation for your Wittgenstein
poem ;) It's such a common idea to have a poem shaped like some element of its
subject matter... 'Musings on Clouds' in the shape of a cloud, or something
hehe...i just love that yours has a twist.

You take that concept- the picture poem- and unmask it, making the
connection between thoughts, words and pictures explicit. Hmm or perhaps i
should say, you simply make the peruser aware of the link. Why does the humble
cloud-poem work? Why can words be so much more powerful when they are ccompanied by images? Because of that Wittgensteinian mesh that connects words, thought and images. It is not an easy connection to ponder, but you have provided a nice springboard with this work. Good one :)

Given that I am aware of the effect of recognition/appreciation I ought to act in kind.



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