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Saturday, January 08, 2005



Well I was up until six in the morning last night, channelling whatever creative forces might have been passing through me to compose probably my first ambient piece of music.

Until now I've down mostly instrumentals and melodic trance, though you couldn't tell from the limited samples uploaded at PureVolume and

You'll notice two links in the sidebar on the right, Illusive Art and Illusive Music. These will be updated with links to my latest creations. For example, I also designed an album cover this morning to go with the song:

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Illusive Mind - Milieu

An uplifting melodic ambient piece with the trademark "Illusive Mind" flavoured note composition.

The "Milieu" is the totality of our surroundings, our external reality. It is the environmental arrangement of the insane.

So the idea is, that we have constructed this bizarre milieu, external reality and this is synonymous with that of the environments prepared for the insane.

You can download/preview it here.

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