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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Inner Orbit


New track, titled ‘Inner Orbit.’ Rock beats, electric guitar inspired lead solo, uplifting melodic trance. Sounds incongruous? Give it a listen.

Illusive Mind - Inner Orbit

The bulk of this song was made in one four hour session, with the rest finished the next day. The way creativity seems to function for me is in sudden hits like this, even though it may utilize ideas I’ve been working on for months.

Perhaps it functions best only when my hypercritical faculties are mollified, for after the act of creation, the work never seems to be as good as it was and I have to resist the urge to tamper to the point of destruction in a Frankensteinian manner.

The degree of my mistake phobia is such that even if something of my doing is given high praise and accolades it is always far from perfect and considered a draft or ‘work in progress.’

Soon this blog will be relocating to a new website. If I can assault myself sufficiently enough to ‘finish’ it, that is.



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